Diploma Thesis and PHD

Naturally, you can download my PhD thesis (german, 2014) Foliations of asymptotically flat manifolds and their evolution in time (Blätterungen asymptotisch flacher Mannigfaltigkeiten und ihre Evolution).

And if someone is interessted, you can also download my Diploma thesis (german, 2011) De­com­posi­tion of measures, integral-spaces and dynamical systems (Maß­zerlegung, Integralräume und dynamische Systeme).

lecture notes on differential geometry

I wrote a (german) lecture note losely based on the lectures Differential geometry I-II lectured by Prof. Dr. Franz Pedit.

About this website

As some might already have noticed, this website is a wordpress site and I am quite thankful for the work of the developers of wordpress. Let me also give credit to the developers of the used theme (Twenty Fifteen, slightly edited) and of the used plugins (AuthLdap, Email Address Encoder, HTTP / HTTPS Remover, Simple Page Ordering, and Zento).