LaTeX packages

You are welcome to use the following LaTeX packages in your work as long as you give credit to the author of these packages (as defined by the Creative Commons attribution alone license, CC BY). Just copy the corresponding .sty-file in the directory of the current .tex-file (or install it correctly as LaTeX-Package).

These Packages come as they are, ie. there are no garantues that they will do what they are suppose to or that they will not destroy your computer, LaTeX fileor the universe (or anything other within it).

Here, ‘Package (German)’ only means that all comments in the LaTeX code are written in German.

  1. C. N., bracket-hack, ‘automatically’ inserts ‘missing’ \left and \right commands for any brace (,),lbrace,rbrace used in displaystyle math (align,align* etc.) [Package, Description (English), .sty-file]
  2. C. N., simpletensors, allows to define tensor-commands: commands able to use left sub- and superindices as optional arguments and correctly parse (multiple) right indices [Package, Description (English) (German), .sty-file]
  3. C. N., PMsimpletensors, can be used instead of simpletensors (identical syntax), but does not use the xparse package. Therefore, it is compatible with each LaTeX-system (since LaTeX 2.09) while simpletensors needs LaTeX 2ε.
    However, it is less efficient than simpletensors and can produce cryptic error messages if used wrongly [Package, Description (English), .sty-file]
  4. C. N., auto-equation label, allows to label equations such that they are only tagged if refered to [Package, Description (English), .sty-file]
  5. C. N., multiline-underbrace, allows to use underbraces in align and align* environments, which contain multiple lines [Package (German)]
  6. C. N., partial, replaces the partial command such that \partial_i is the correct i-th derivation, allowing optional arguments to replace the coordinate, the order of the derivative etc. [Package (German)]