KeePass – MSWifiImportPlugin


I have written a plugin for the password manager KeePass 2.x. It allows to import the informations of the wireless connections saved in Windows to KeePass 2 and afterwards to export these informations back to Windows. This can be used to backup the existing wireless connections or to transfer them from one Windows system to the next (and hopefully later to other systems, too). So far the plugin is on a alpha version level, but this will change soon(ish). In particular, not all properties of wireless connections are supported. However most wireless connections should work and I will increase the number of properties supported.

The project of the plugin can be found on github: Its main website is while its data can be found on But if you only want to use it, just copy the .dll file in the plugin folder of your KeePass 2.

I am happy to get more suggestions for features and/or bug reports on